A Christmas Card to Our Readers

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The First Post

Welcome to Ribbons in Our Hair!

In this, our very first post, we all would like to introduce ourselves and talk a little about what we want to do with this blog. As a sisterly group collaboration, there are a few things we don’t always agree on; but purpose is clear and our hospitality for our readers is abundant. We hope that everyone who comes by can get to know us and join us on this journey!


My problem has always been that I have too many hobbies. So many different things interest me! I walk into a craft store, look around, and feel like trying anything and everything that I can see. Woodcraft? Sewing? Painting? Crochet? Knitting? Those little twizzly bracelet things made out of rubber bands? Beading? Rug making? Sure! Anything!

Of course, I can’t actually do everything. So I have gotten pretty good at a few: I can sew well (especially garments for myself), I crochet, and there are a few card designs that I’ve come up with that are actually quite pleasing. Just so long as I try to master one thing at a time!

What I hope to do is apply some of the things that I have mastered to make products that I like and that I can produce on a wide scale to sell on Etsy. My Etsy shop is currently well stocked, but the variety is wide. In the next few months, I’ll be experimenting – figuring out what I want and what potential costumers might want. It might be a wild ride – but if I can hang in there, perhaps I can turn a habit of hobbies into a career!

Visit Abigail’s Etsy shop by following the link: www.etsy.com/shop/TheRaisinFairy


Creativity runs in the blood! It has manifested itself in many different ways in my life; some of them never quite took off, but most of them I just love to do! Trying to harness my creativity, and make it productive is my current goal, and with this blog I hope to show the first steps on this journey, the journey of being a creative person, working for myself (instead of at some big corporation, myself located in a little cubicle), a journey of doing everything for the honor and glory of my Lord, and aiming for excellence in everything I do.

first and foremost, I am an artist, a realist painter to be exact. I want to show some of my paintings and maybe some sketches and drawings here – in progress, studio painting stuff. I will also be doing lots and lots of crocheting and knitting! I can turn out quite a lot of hats and scarves if I put my mind to it.

Also, we will showcase some of our creative endeavors in the kitchen – another creative passion for our family!

Visit Hannah’s Etsy shop by following the link:  www.etsy.com/shop/Annavania


I have lots of things on my Etsy shop- lots and lots of things! You can find bags, napkin rings and placemats, stuffed animals, mug warmers, wall décor and many more things people have probably never heard of.

Actually- I don’t. I probably have about four things on my Etsy shop, which is actually pretty pathetic. But I imagine that I have lots and lots of things, because that’s what I am planning, so I imagine it’s there, and unfortunately that doesn’t make it a reality. But I’m going to work on that.

Starting this summer, my Etsy shop will become a reality, and I will be taking it seriously, because this sewing hobby of mine is not just a hobby, it’s something I love to do.

Visit Sarah’s Etsy shop by following the link: www.etsy.com/shop/SallySewing