Cogs and Gears: New Look for My Shop

Hello everyone!

Just a little before the beginning of April, Etsy started sending out emails about how they where changing the shop layout for everyone’s shops, updating the look. I checked out what they had as an example, and I liked it. It looks crisp, modern and it’s even easier to navigate.

I had been thinking – and working on – updating the look of my shop a little, and so this came at a good time, giving me a little incentive to get a move on it. I can always use that!

So I got to work, whipping up a few ink drawings and filling them in with watercolors. Here are a couple pictures of the Little Dancy Ladies:

I liked how they turned out, and they were really easy to do, so I will definitely be doing a lot more of them. Actually, I have always drawn dancy ladies, in one way or another, but only recently have I added color to them like you see here. Here are two more:

Putting them together for the banner picture for the shop was interesting, and took a little rearranging, but I think it came out alright!

But really, the weird part was trying to get all of my updates to show up. They kept on getting stuck somewhere in the Etsy servers and nothing changed for a few days. But today, it did! (Just as I was about to ask a question from the Etsy forums too! Note to self: always check if the problem is still there before you ask for it to be fixed.) But I was so excited that it showed up that I had to show you guys the new look! So here it is!

The New Shop Look!

Also, I put in a few behind-the-scenes pictures on the about page, and updated the shop story.

I really like the new look and I can’t wait to keep adding to it. It really feels a lot more user friendly. But you’ll just have to check it out for yourself!

Rosy Pink Girl with Blue Crochet Hook 2.jpg
One of my favorites – probably because I love the color of the dress!


Go check out Abigail’s and Sarah’s shops – hopefully they’ve got the updates actually working for them too. It didn’t work for them at first either!

Just for the fun of it, I’d like to see which of the Little Dancy Ladies is our blog reader’s favorite?

Do you like the new Etsy shop layout?