First (New) Project Towards 30 Items

I’m already in the middle of a couple of new projects, but I felt rebellious today – just didn’t want to keep on working on my last one. So I started a new one today.

When to see movies, I usually come early so that I’m actually before the previews. I went with my family and good friend to Finding Dory! I liked it – it was really good! It made me laugh, it made me cry – yeah, I really liked it. I always loved Dory, and Pixar is almost always great, and is consistently good, so that was a no brainer to go this weekend.

Also, another reason to start a new project – it was blue. It matched so beautifully with the movie! 😉

Here’s a picture of the beginning of my new hat. It’s the same pattern as my Blue Star Burst Hat, which is kind of fun, because I totally forgot how fun it was to crochet. (Sorry about the dimness of the picture – it’s to give the general feel of how dark it can get in a theater. But actually, once it got really dark, I didn’t bother to continue crocheting!)


Well, it’s getting late. Must go! Hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend.



Things We Love

It’s my turn again! We seem to be going through this very quickly! It seems like it was my turn only a few days ago. Not that I mind- it’s great to have something to talk about, but I’ve never exactly been sure what to do with the topic today: listing a few of our favorite things. It seems like a fairly simple post, except trying to figure out, out of all the things we love, enjoy or appreciate, what’s actually our favorites.

The example on the original list was to list our favorite TV shows, music, books and movies. Then Abby pointed out I could list some of our favorites of anything- which certainly broadened my perspective. And then I could always go with the wonderful song from Sound of Music, and list some things that make us happy.

So, without further delay, I will begin, and try a bit of all of them, narrowing it down by mentioning things we’ve probably never referred to before (Doctor Who is obviously a favorite so I won’t include it)

One of our favorite (American) TV shows would definitely have to be Journeyman. It’s about a normal guy- who time travels! It’s amazing. It’s interesting. It’s fun. It was cancelled way too soon! And now it’s only available by DVD (and that’s not available except in the UK) so obviously this is a bit of a tragedy.

Another favorite TV show is Person of Interest, which I still wish was on Thursdays. It was such a nice way to start finishing the week.

And I could mention several other TV shows we love, but that would take a while. One of our favorite movies- mostly based on my dad commenting that it’s a nearly perfect movie- is Batman Begins. It’s at least my favorite of the recent trilogy.

Another favorite would be- Pixar. I won’t even bother trying to figure out which one is our favorite, never mind which one is the best!

 And then there’s Prince of Persia, and Signs, and the mass of Avengers-ness! Yeah, I’m not even sure if I’ve got our favorite movies yet. It depends on the mood actually.

Moving on to books- I’ve decided to list a few of our favorite cook books, just to be different. There’s the Joy of Cooking, of course. Hannah owns a Provencal cookbook we enjoy, and we use More with Less Cookbook often. We have a few Test Kitchen cookbooks too, as well as our numerous (and occasionally accidental) Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Italian cookbooks!

Our favorite music to listen to on a rainy day is Man of Steel, The Village or a good combination of Little Women, The Village, Da Vinci Code and various moody things. My dog’s favorite music during firework season is Battleship.

My favorite music to sew to is something I can sing along with, such as Give Us Rest.

Path Overlooking LakeAnd just to round up this post, which has turned out to be a bit longer than I meant, I will list a few random favorite things that make us happy.

Of all the days of the week, I think Sunday would probably be our favorite (with Friday close behind it). Of the two main paths in the Bosque near Sagebrush church, the path to the left is probably our favorite. Of all the wild flowers in our arroyos, Chocolate flowers are probably our favorite. And of all our clothes, our favorites to wear when it’s a hundred degrees outside is probably made from our Bangladesh fabric.

Clouds and LightAnd things that make us happy (these are a few of our favorite things): clouds, walks in the mountains, snowy days, popcorn, apple crisp, going to the Botanic Gardens, whiskers on doggies, sleepy kittens, Carey Mulligan, gardening, finishing sewn garments and God.