Favorites of the Week

I’ve been having fun finding fun things on Etsy, so I thought I’d feature one of my favorites of my favorites from every day of the week (I hope that sentence made sense)



I keep seeing needle felting things that are absolutely wonderful. But to the left is a wonderful pink lamby that I totally fell in love with.

You can find this lamb, along with cute little bunnies, cats and dogs on the Etsy shop:

FeltTale. Check it out, it’s so much fun!


Tuesday –

This wonderful, beautiful bird can be found on the Etsy shop:


You can find a variety of things on this shop, including more birds and animals, flowers and scenes, fruit and figures.

It’s a lot of fun to look at, and the beautiful bird on the left is just the beginning! It’s definitely worth taking a look!


Wednesday –

Another thing I noticed I’ve been liking a lot on Etsy, and I’d love to have, is pressed flowers or dried flowers. And the gorgeous necklace on the left is one of my favorites!

You can find this on the Etsy shop:


I loved looking at this shop because there always seems to be something new and beautiful, and you even get to choose what color you want in some cases!


And then there are these absolutely wonderful Pysanka eggs! Seriously, you have to check out this shop because it is so amazing!

You can find these etched chicken eggs on the Etsy shop:


I might even have to contact the shop owner and find out if they do quail eggs, because those are so cute!


Friday –

What I’ve discovered about Etsy is that it wouldn’t be Etsy without some wonderful vintage shops.

To the left are some beautiful vintage tins, with lovely flowers on them. We have a collection of tins (somewhere) but I just love these! You can find them, among many more beautiful vintage items, on the shop:


il_570xn-915897127_67lvSaturday (because I just wanted to feature this item)

I’ve also slowly realized I like bike things. Bike scarves, bike paintings, and then there’s this bike pillow. I love it! It even has birds!

You can find this – one among many fun and unique pillows for any style – on the shop:


You have to take a look at these shops! They are all, individually, unique and fun. Looking back at them, they supply a great look at all the shops you can find on Etsy, from vintage to handmade and completely original. I had a lot of fun putting together this blog post.

And I hope everyone had a great week – and more importantly, will have a great weekend!

See you next week!



Friday Featured Favorites: Redo

(I wrote this blog post – like… a month ago, and discovered recently that I hadn’t published it! Terrible mistake, considering the featured shop 🙂 )

I found a really fun shop a while ago…

and then I lost it. Fortunately, I found it again, and today I will feature it! This shop is known as VintageRedo, operated by Pamela.

il_570xn-733919732_skv2What caught my eye and made me want to feature this shop? First of all, I liked the art. Then, I love how Pam remakes something old – not only new – but she seems to completely reinvent it!

I’ve been looking around Etsy recently, and realizing that there is a lot of interesting retro/vintage things to find there. We’ve even discovered lots of stuff that we have, so apparently we could start up our own vintage shop!

I saw the art here on this shop, as shown on the left, and I really liked it. It’s surprising, unique and pretty.

I contacted Pam, thrilled to be featuring such a fun shop. I was especially interested to find out how she got started doing this art.

Apparently, she started when she was a young girl, and she always loved making jewelry. Her first project was using her grandmother’s buttons and jewelry to make a picture.


Pam started her Etsy shop because, as she put it, “I’m an empty nester“. It turned into more of a business because of her love of jewelry and, as she puts it, a girl can only wear so much jewelry.

I asked her what her favorite era of history is. The Victorian era is one of her favorites, but she also specified the last 10 years of the 19th Century (also known as the Gay Nineties) as a favorite because of their intricate and beautiful buttons.

I looked up the Gay Nineties for myself, to see more about this era, and the buttons – among other things – are quite amazing.


I found it difficult to figure out what photos to use from this shop, to capture the beauty Pam creates, so I definitely recommend you check out this vintage shop!

There are several necklaces and brooches, and I love all of the beautiful art pieces she created out of the jewelry!

Once again, the name of this shop is:


I hope everyone’s December is going well so far, and everyone’s weekend is great!


Friday Featured Favorites: In the Air

Yesterday was Abigail’s birthday, so I thought I’d feature her shop today. She almost always has something new on her shop, so it’s pretty easy.

il_570xn-1049625978_db4vToday I’m going to highlight Abigail’s wonderful new Hot Air Balloon selection, from cards to earrings.

It was actually a pretty simple idea. When Abigail said she was going to make hot air balloon earrings, I could picture how they’d look pretty easily.

But that’s where creativity steps in and throws you for a loop. I imagined Abigail’s Hot Air Balloon Ephemeral Earrings looking totally different – simpler, with starker colors. And I didn’t quite picture the actual design looking the way it does.

il_570xn-1048503974_tqm6Fascinating how one’s brain works differently!

Anyway, I love Abigail’s Hot Air Balloon Earrings! They’re very elegant and ephemeral, and she has several different designs. Here’s a link to my personal favorite of her Hot Air Balloons.

Abigail also made some really fun Hot Air Balloon Greeting Cards. They turned out very nicely!

il_570xn-1049589956_gkx8I was curious to see how the card on the left would turn out, because of the paper she picked, which is basically a picture of some tree branches and the clear blue sky (definitely a picture that would bring hot air balloons to mind). I’ve always wanted to use those papers, but I’ve never figured out what I can do with it.

To see what Abigail’s done with this interesting paper, and more details on the beautiful card itself, just follow this link!

I think Abigail’s Hot Air Balloon creations fit the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which is starting (tomorrow?). Both the cards and her ephemeral earrings are very Fiesta-like, and the colors are vivid, reflecting New Mexico’s own, individual personality.

Also, there’s a sale! Abigail has a discount on all her Hot Air Balloon items during the Balloon Fiesta (which, if I remember correctly, is for the next couple weeks, much to our dog’s terror). If you’re coming in to visit and see the balloons in person, even better!

Here’s a link to Abigail’s awesome Etsy shop, TheRaisinFairy, where you can find her beautiful Balloon items, as well as all the other amazing things she makes. I invite you to take a look!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



P.S. I had this blog post all ready, minus the photos. I didn’t mean to be publishing it this late! Still, it is Friday here for another 15 minutes 🙂 Have a great weekend!










Friday Featured Favorites: Like Stars

The first word that came to mind when I found this Etsy shop was: Perfect. Naturally, nothing’s perfect, but sometimes you find something that’s exactly right, and this time I discovered it on the Etsy shop: ForestsOfWildflowers.


I really like this shop because of how delicate it is, and, like the Wedding Hair Vine on the left, might be raindrops or stars, or even baby’s breath flowers falling from her hair. It’s elegant, ephemeral and sort of quiet, if that makes sense.

I actually thought this shop seemed a lot like Abigail’s, with her lovely Ephemeral Earrings. It has the same delicacy.


ForestsOfWildflowers is a fairly new Etsy shop, opening in 2015, run by Paige. She’s only a few sales away from 50 – which is amazingly wonderful and inspiring!

I got to talk with Paige, and asked a few questions. I generally try to think of something unusual, and somehow related to the shop. But I also try to change it up a little.

Among what we talked about was what her favorite color is to work with. Many of her creations are originally white and metallic, which, as she points out, is very chic. She also mentioned she has several colored hair vines coming up that she’s excited about.

I asked Paige what she would sell if she opened another Etsy shop (a new favorite question of mine, since there always seems to be something else you could start an Etsy shop on). She said she’d sell the mountains and mountains of beads she has. She apparently goes in to clean but ends up creating a new piece out of the things she meant to put away. I certainly know how that is!

il_570xn-906089329_mqfqI always try to make sure I have one question that’s almost completely unrelated to Etsy, to find out more about the person behind these wonderful shops.

So I asked Paige what is her favorite recreational activity. She’s always loved reading, and finds it a good way to get away from things.

She also has a labrador, named Samson (who sounds adorable, but just because anything doggy is adorable). She and her husband walk or play with Samson, or just sit on the couch and relax.

I really enjoyed featuring this shop, and I’m sorry this blog post is basically over. I invite you to take a look, since it’s really, really fun to look around this beautiful shop.

Here’s a link to Paige’s Etsy shop, ForestsOfWildflowers (I love that name!)

Hope you have a great weekend!



Me and My Necklace and Shoes

Today I can get to a blog post I’ve been looking forward to for a while. A couple weeks ago I took some time off from my shop, just so I can plan my burn out rather than have it overwhelm me when it’s most inconvenient. So, I worked on a couple very different projects, one of which took much longer than I expected, but is thoroughly rewarding.

IMG_1354In the process of taking pictures for this blog post, and while I was finishing the second project, I had to take pictures of some other stuff, so this will be a very photographic blog post! Very eclectic, but I always enjoy these. On the left are a few of our very own zinnias – some of my favorite flowers now – which happen to match the fabric below. There’s a little less orange, but, as you can see, it matches wonderfully!

And here is the first project! I’ve had some left over fabric from Bangladesh, which is just too special to leave around, so I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it. Suddenly, it occurred to me that it would be perfect for a fabric necklace scarf, because it’s crazy, light and there wasn’t really enough left over to do anything else with it!

So, with only a few days before my week off, I made a quick study of fabric necklace scarves- and I think I want to keep going with them.

You can see the original piece of fabric, which looks like a strange baby (or Buddha) and a nice close-up of the fabric. In the bottom left corner is a collection I had of my pieces, including some interesting silver rings. I decided I wouldn’t go with that, however, because it might be too much and I felt like they didn’t match. The largest picture is, of course, the final version, with pretty leather braids (which I did not do). Hannah nicely twisted the three fabric sections, and one has the same leather braid twisted with it. I love how it turned out!


On the right are some yummy spices I roasted for dinner yesterday. I included it because, like I said, I took lots of pictures while I was finishing my second project. So this picture represents the passing of time.

I finished the second project last night and I am wearing them now. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the process.

I’ve seen some cute Summer slippers (I don’t know if that’s an official term) and been wanting to make some for a while. I finally gave it a try!


I made several changes, including having the rick-rack on the outside (because I forgot to put it around the edge) and elastic all around the edge instead of just in the back. Mummy even let me use some official slipper soles! They are just a little too small, but they’re so comfortable I keep forgetting to take them off!

Of course, even though this was a week off, I can’t help but test both these projects to see if I’d like to sell them on Etsy. Please, tell me what you think!

And that finishes the two projects I worked on a couple weeks ago! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to my next week off, at which point I will have fun working with my burlap canvas. I will definitely feature it on a blog post!

Now for a short bonus, since this has ended up being a what’s been happening with me lately blog post:

I sold one of my pink girls dresses on Etsy! I am especially pleased with this because the lady wanted a couple adjustments, so it’s officially my first custom order!

Apparently she has a tall almost-3-year-old so she wanted the dress lengthened. There were several possibilities, including adding a midriff and/or band, making a new dress, adding a contrasting ruffle or adding lace. I decided on the last option, and I really like the way it turned out! I also made a small lace flower to go with it, detachable, but I forgot to get a picture of it.

And that’s what been going on in my life recently! How about everyone else?

Next up: August is just around the corner, so it’s time for Autumnal and Christmas preparation! I agree, it’s too soon, but I’ve heard rumor there’s Christmas shopping on Etsy!

Thanks for joining me for this adventure!


Friday Featured Favorite: Charming

The Etsy shop I found to feature today is P3 Personalized Jewelry, which just about explains it all!

il_570xn-1020752281_t8tyI actually really like this shop. I know that sounds kind of silly – if I’m featuring this shop on my Friday Featured Favorites, then I must like it! But, I mean it a little differently.

There I was, looking over the various fun key chains on this shop, and I kept seeing things I liked. Sometimes, you just like a shop. And then, sometimes, you remember a shop.

This refreshing, fun shop was started by Melissa Erickson in 2014, and since then, she’s had seemingly amazing amount of sales.

il_570xn-657659230_lmjiApparently Melissa started her Etsy shop in the best, most inspiring way possible. It started purely as a hobby, but she’s clearly had success.

When she’s not running her Etsy shop – generally at night, when her kids are in bed – she’s teaching preschool. She’s owned and operated a small school for the last 8 years, but with her son graduating (yesterday?) she’ll be leaving to set out on new adventures.

And do Etsy full time!!

Kind of awesome, and definitely inspiring.


So, what really caught my eye when I ran into this shop?

Probably how cute it is – which, again, sounds silly. I just love to see how people can fill the small, intricate things in normal life- which is something I need to work on. (Making small Etsy things, I mean)

I’ve shown pictures of some beautiful key chains from Melissa’s shop, but once you have one of these on your key chain, it wouldn’t just be any key chain!

She gives you the chance to put some of your own personality into something so simple – and offers a way to brighten your daily living.

Please, go ahead and check out the Etsy shop P3 Personalized Jewelry. It’s definitely worth it!

Hope everyone has a great, extended weekend!


P.S. You have to check out her bookmarks! Beautiful!

Friday Featured Thread: Positive

I thought I’d do something different today (substitute: I forgot to work on this blog post earlier) and feature another thread.

This is a fun, interesting thread, titled: One word (positive) Describing the Shop Above You, which basically explains exactly what it’s all about. I thought I’d glance through the thread, and based on someone’s description, feature the shop.


The first description I noticed was given to the shop Leafling Bags and was bright. I have to agree with that! This shop is bright and beautiful, pictured on the left.

It’s a beautiful and fun shop, and you have to take a look at it!

The next description I noticed was Sunny, for the Etsy shop Ebb&FloJewellry. It’s a very interesting description of this shop, which sells some beautiful jewelry.

This shop often seems to use stones of interesting shapes, which seems to be popular.

I went along for a while through the thread and didn’t find a word that caught my eye. Finally, I saw a word that always catches my eye, because I use it (probably too) often and I like to see what shop goes with it: Vibrant

il_570xn-906391577_syb9I love that description for this shop, pictured on the left and called RenaisyDaisyDesigns.

And I absolutely love what the owner, RenaisyDaisy, provides. Among the interesting and fun collection of chic jewelry, there are leaves, owls, superheroes and Matryoshka Doll Earrings, which is my personal favorite.

Moving on, I saw a word that I thought was interesting, describing the shop FQSTUDIOS. The word was Bold.


The original acrylic painting, from FQSTUDIOS shop, caught my eye. I think bold fits this shop well.

Otherwise, you will find a lot of fun art here, including lots of art all about coffee.

Coffee’s wonderful. You can never have enough of coffee, and this shop seems to understand that.

I skipped down the thread a while, until I came to something more recent. Interestingly, Unique seems to be a word used often for an Etsy shop.


I found a word describing the Etsy shop WhiteNoteCompany: Romantic.

It’s a fitting word, since this beautiful shop seems to specialize in wedding related things, and their items really are beautiful.

The photo on the left especially caught my eye, probably because I love birds and the colors are really attractive.

So there we go! It’s a helpful thread. There should also probably be a thread for: One word (not too hard, but still helpful) where the shop above you could use some help. But I’ve discovered some beautiful and fun shops through this thread. I really can’t say which is my favorite, because they’re all very fun and… unique.

Hope you all have a great weekend!