Friday Featured Thread: Social Media

I didn’t really expect to feature too many threads from the Etsy forums, but in this case I thought this thread ought to be featured. Although, right off, I should say you should just check out the thread for yourself.

The very nice Etsy people occasionally do Q&As on the forums, and this time it was all about using social media and all that confusing stuff. This time around I realized I could ask my own question, so I did, and got a wonderful answer. So, I’ll feature the answer Jessica, from Etsy, gave me, among a few others.


Basically, I asked what would be the best way to attract attention on social media, and how to get people to look at your products.

I loved the answer she gave, and it has truly inspired me:

“…I would suggest thinking of your social media presence as an extension of how you view your brand. Social media is a great way to tell a broader story about your creative process: what inspires you? What makes your products unique? If you think of your social posts as telling a story about your work, you may find it easier to come up with posts (rather than just using social media to ‘sell’ your product)…”

The next question, and answer, I found very helpful was from Michelle, owner of the Etsy shop Trendy Hedgehog. She uses Instagram, but they have apparently made recent changes that make it harder for people to promote their business. I was interested in this question because Hannah uses Instagram, and I’ll be trying it soon too (really, I have set up an account!)

The answer Jessica gave was: “…Look at the posts you’ve done to see which ones have generated the most engagement (likes and comments) from your followers. You can use tools like Iconosquare to help determine your most popular posts. The more your followers engage with your posts, the more likely they are to be seen. By know what draws the most attention, you can do more of the same type.”


The next question, from the owner of the Etsy shop StoneLush, was also related to Instagram. The question was if there was a place that could keep track of which hashtags work best for likes/followers. The answer was as follows:

“…You can research the popularity of hashtags on Instagram by going to the Explore tab, type the term in the search bar and selecting tags. You’ll see the number of posts associated with that hashtag under each result. You could try this for each category you use…”

Iconosquare was again mentioned, so I guess this is something I should check out.

I took a final look at the questions, and found one I have been wondering about. This one is from REupped (which I sadly could not find)

The question was whether or not discount promotions and coupons worked on Etsy for drawing business, and which social medias would allow coupons and giveaways. Here’s the answer:

“Many sellers have found success using coupons and giveaways to driver up traffic and sales in their shops. You can post about discounts and giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, and there is no fee to do so. You may find this Seller Handbook helpful, it’s full of tips for boosting sales with coupon codes.

I found these questions I highlighted helpful, especially since social media isn’t really my strong point. So, I’m off to check out a few of the things mentioned here, as well as look at the thread again.

Again, if you’re selling online, like we are, I’d definitely suggest you take a look at this thread. It’s long and helpful, and totally awesome that the Etsy people – as I always refer to them – took their time to do this. There was a whole team of them helping out in the case!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll probably be back pretty soon to show my latest creation, soon to appear on my shop, or else talk about quinoa

Happy Friday!



Medallions and Paisley Flowers!

I can’t believe it – I almost forgot!

I made a couple new listings recently! They’re different (again) since I’m still trying to figure out what works.

il_570xn-1020771522_pf0eI’ve been meaning to try seat belt covers, but for some reason never got around to doing it.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I got a wonderful gift card for my birthday, and with it, among other things, I got half a yard each of blue-green fabric and pink flowery fabric, both flannel.

I always imagined making the seat belt covers out of regular cotton. But my Mum very sensibly pointed out that something softer would feel nicer. So I took a look at the flannel fabric.

Fortunately, there are a lot of very fun, beautiful flannel fabrics. There’s a lot of variety, including puppy paws, which attracted my attention. For the time being, I like the pretty medallions and flowers.


These were really fun to make, and they’re very soft. I managed to get five out of the fabric I got, which seemed like a good amount for a test.

I can’t decide which one I like better, but I think I like them equally.

I love the pink and blue one, on the right, and it reminds me of a garden, or just something flowery.

The blue and green one I just think looks cool – like a pool in hot summer or, as I mentioned in the description of it on my shop, it looks like a tropical beach. I actually looked up tropical beaches, just to be sure of the description, and the colors are surprisingly the same!

Here’s a link to my Blue and Green Medallion Seat Belt Covers. And a link to my Paisley and Flowery Seat Belt Cover. I invite you to take a look

So there we go, and I got it out before Saturday. Barely.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!





Friday Featured Favorites: Personality!

I ran into some more shops, so I thought it would be fun to feature a few today (probably to catch up with forgetting to feature shops for the last few weeks)

il_570xn-1003623544_2el1The first shop I want to feature is really fun. The shop’s name is BlackBerryBookArt and you can find items like the one on the left on this shop.

The owner of the shop started doing book folding for a school project, and then decided to start an Etsy shop.

I was amazed when I saw this shop, partially because this is the first time I’ve ever seen it.

It makes a wonderful and unique gift or décor, with a possibly infinite amount of potential!

I encourage you to take a look at this shop, because there are a lot of fun and beautiful things to see here. I just had to do the owl because I always seem to do the owls.


The next Etsy shop I’d like to feature is called GiftsandTalents and an item on this shop is featured on the right.

Apparently my theme is birds. I love birds, and I love the two little birds on this Wedding Guest Book Box. It’s the perfect combination of whimsical, rustic, cute and charming.

Also featured on this shop are several boxes like these, with so much variety you have to take a look at it for yourself, and some beautiful burlap wreaths. I was very interested to see the wreaths, because I have a burlap canvas, and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with it.

il_570xn-811197950_bi15Last but not least, the beautiful Etsy shop CustomPortraitArt. Please, please take a look at this shop! It is so much fun! One painting is featured on the left, and I just had to do this one because it’s a Goldie and they’re always the best dogs!

You have to take a look at this shop because there always seems to be something new to see. There are lots of wonderful doggies and kitties and house portraits and other portraits.

It’s just so much fun, and this shop has a lot of wonderful personality. Hey, I just figured out what to title this post!

So, I’ve introduced you to three wonderful, exciting Etsy shops brimming with personality. Once again, I invite you to take a look.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Coming up……. refreshment for the hot days ahead.


Friday Featured Favorites: Miss Joy

It was really easy for me to find a shop to feature today, and I am quite pleased to be featuring it! I took a look at Miss Joy’s Ornamentsthe featured Etsy shop – and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to write a blog post about it.

il_570xn-999471894_fqstThe featured items on the shop are patriotic and beautiful! I took one look at them and they just about took my breath away.

I think it was the lovely, perfect blend of red, white and blue that especially caught my eye. I also love how properly Patriotic they look – like some old fashioned decorations they might have in 1776 or 1863.

So, next Monday being July 4th, you can understand why these beautiful patriotic ornaments – for either decorating the Christmas tree, home or office – really caught my eye.

The lovely lady that runs this shop, Susan, seems to understand the art of color mixing and pattern designs, since all of her items on her shop are just as beautiful as the ones featured here.


I am especially focusing on the Patriotic items, since that’s the holiday just around the corner, but you have to take a look at her shop to see her amazing Christmas ornaments!

I asked Susan why she started her Etsy shop – whether it was pastime or purely business. I was especially curious because of the obvious workmanship that goes into these ornaments.

Apparently she started it to make a little extra money for Christmas. That was eight years ago. I’m guessing she likes doing it and it’s been a success.


Not surprisingly, Susan’s favorite holiday is Christmas. She makes these amazing ornaments year-round, so apparently the Christmas music starts up in June.

I absolutely love what Susan makes. I bet you couldn’t tell.

We actually have a couple ornaments like this, which was something else that caught my eye. Being vaguely familiar with the idea, it was fun to see what variety you can do with it, both in style, design and even holiday. I love the idea of having one of these Patriotic ornaments around all the time!

Once again, I urge you to take a look. Susan also has a wonderful Police Officer Keepsake Ornament that I love. I also may have seen a penguin somewhere on her shop.

Finally, here’s a link to her official site: Miss Joy’s Ornaments.

And, again, a link to Etsy shop: Miss Joy’s Ornaments (they’re not the same link, by the way)

Hope everyone has a great (extended, amazing, patriotic) weekend!!


Fireworks and Paisleys!

It’s amazing what you can do with coupons and sales! Truly wonderful!

I was given a gift card for my birthday from some absolutely wonderful friends, and last week I decided to use it. I won’t go into the details of how much I saved, because that would be boring, but I managed to get a half a yard of a couple ‘test projects’ (which would normally be a little pricier), something for myself (I couldn’t resist, but it was 60% off!) and some proper Patriotic fabric (50% off, if I remember correctly) to make ASAP for Etsy.

IMG_1084 I’ve been looking forward to making patriotic stuff for Etsy. I’ve just always felt patriotic, and I especially appreciate the fascinating origins of our Country. In many ways, Independence Day might be my favorite holiday after Christmas or Easter.

Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to making red, white and blue stuff. I have billows of ideas of red, white and blue stuff! Bags, decorations, banners, dresses and numerous other things I can’t think of right now.

When I got to the store to use my wonderful gift card, and stared at the Patriotic fabric…

I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Nothing grabbed me for those afore mentioned projects. Plus – I really should have gotten going on it sooner!

So, I stared at the fabric collection for a long time. A very long time. Then my Mum came and stared at it with me for a long time. Then she went away after a while, and I continued to stare.

IMG_1087Finally, I gave in. I’d seen a lot of adorable patriotic girls dresses around, and I’d briefly think to myself: “I should make one for my Etsy shop.” Followed quickly by: “Why bother?”

When I saw that fabric, though, I just decided: “Why not? None of the store-bought dresses are my dresses!



IMG_1107I decided to use the same design I did for my other girls dress, the Darling Pink Girls Dress, but with some variation. Firstly, there’s only one of these Patriotic Dress. I also shortened the skirt, added a ruffle, there are no pockets – gasp – and changed the options for the shoulder straps.

I love the way it turned out possibly even more than the pink dresses. It looks amazingly like a dolls dress too, which gives me ideas for some of the left over fabric.

So, Here’s a link to the Girls Patriotic Dress. I invite you to take a look at my latest creation. It will certainly not be the last of my red, white and blue items!

Next up for seasons/holidays: Autumn!!! Aaahh!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Friday Featured Favorites: Silver

I run out of ways to start these blog posts very quickly, and I usually seem to start along the lines of: “Well, here’s an interesting Etsy shop.” But I promise you, I have discovered a fun and beautiful shop, and I look forward to sharing it with you!

This shop, run by Sharon, is known as SharonGrayDesigns. Below the title, which explains the shop perfectly – something that’s essential for an Etsy shop – is written:

Vintage Silver Plated Flatware & Hand Crafted Designs

Basically, she specializes in vintage silver plate for weddings, formal tables, special events and everyday use. (I learned that from the shop announcement!)

il_570xn-992072477_gm7jSharon makes customized Christmas ornaments, pictured on the left. She also makes them for Christening, Baptisms and baby dedications.

I was curious to know how she got started with vintage and silver. Apparently, many of the items were things she used to own and many smaller items. She stores lots of silver plate and stamping supplies.

On a side note, I decided to check out metal stamping supplies, since I wasn’t exactly sure what those supplies were. It’s very interesting to see what there is out there.


You can find an interesting variety on this shop. On the left is a Wall Organizer I find very nice looking.

You can also find Spoon Necklaces, a Wedding Brooch, and Pastry Forks. (you have to follow the links to see these beautiful items) I’ve highlighted her beautiful silver, but she has a wonderful selection of jewelry, including Vintage Wedding Necklaces. (again, you have to take a look!!)

Before opening her shop, and this is only one of two shops she runs, she was an x-ray tech, air hostess and Early Childhood Educator. The last profession was what inspired some of her most original work with the Christmas ornaments, which are customized to have the child’s name on it for them to see. As Sharon points out, the ornaments won’t break, so it’s perfectly safe for kids to touch.

I found this shop very fun to check out, and I found lots of interesting, vintage items while working on this blog post. Sharon mentioned she had a few spots in a local Antique Mall. Considering how beautiful her shop is, I wish I could see her sections in the antique mall!

I should also add that I appreciate the look and design of this shop, as a fellow Etsy user, because everything is used exactly as it should be. For me, the shop announcement and About section can be a little tricky (mostly because I’m unimaginative) but Sharon manages it with clarity and interest. Definitely a shop I’m going to go to for inspiration and an example of how my shop should look.

Here again is a link to Sharon’s shop, SharonGrayDesigns

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!


Friday Featured Favorite: Charming

The Etsy shop I found to feature today is P3 Personalized Jewelry, which just about explains it all!

il_570xn-1020752281_t8tyI actually really like this shop. I know that sounds kind of silly – if I’m featuring this shop on my Friday Featured Favorites, then I must like it! But, I mean it a little differently.

There I was, looking over the various fun key chains on this shop, and I kept seeing things I liked. Sometimes, you just like a shop. And then, sometimes, you remember a shop.

This refreshing, fun shop was started by Melissa Erickson in 2014, and since then, she’s had seemingly amazing amount of sales.

il_570xn-657659230_lmjiApparently Melissa started her Etsy shop in the best, most inspiring way possible. It started purely as a hobby, but she’s clearly had success.

When she’s not running her Etsy shop – generally at night, when her kids are in bed – she’s teaching preschool. She’s owned and operated a small school for the last 8 years, but with her son graduating (yesterday?) she’ll be leaving to set out on new adventures.

And do Etsy full time!!

Kind of awesome, and definitely inspiring.


So, what really caught my eye when I ran into this shop?

Probably how cute it is – which, again, sounds silly. I just love to see how people can fill the small, intricate things in normal life- which is something I need to work on. (Making small Etsy things, I mean)

I’ve shown pictures of some beautiful key chains from Melissa’s shop, but once you have one of these on your key chain, it wouldn’t just be any key chain!

She gives you the chance to put some of your own personality into something so simple – and offers a way to brighten your daily living.

Please, go ahead and check out the Etsy shop P3 Personalized Jewelry. It’s definitely worth it!

Hope everyone has a great, extended weekend!


P.S. You have to check out her bookmarks! Beautiful!