Running out of time!

Oh boy! I am so running out of time! Only 4 days left!

I meant to give you guys an update before now! I did get onto here about a week ago, but then a couple things came up and I never finished the post… But here I am, back again from the vague unknown of the non-blogging world. But just for a quick update, because I really have to get back to making new items! 😉

I just put up a new listing! Woohoo! Which officially makes my shop have a grand total of 21 items! Yup, didn’t even break my own record. But that’s ok, because I have quite a few items lined up, just waiting for me to put the listing together.

Here’s a picture of the newest item – and this time it’s a scarf!

And here are pictures of a few things that have been happening with me lately…

Me at Starbucks (thank you Sarah for the mini photoshoot! :D)… I’ve been thinking about it – I go to Starbucks a lot, and I love trying out they’re new drinks, so why not combine a couple of the things that I do? So you might be seeing a few more pictures of me a Starbucks – with some of my very fun-to-wear hats! 😉


Three hats that I washed and blocked… but only two of them are going to make it to my shop, because the other one – the maroon one – I made as a commission for a friend of mine. And the blue one pictured here is wool! It feels soooo soft!


And here I am, working on another hat! It was almost complete here, and now it’s finished and waiting to be all washed up and blocked! So fun to block it – I’ll have to do a blog post on blocking things to show you all.


Well, that’s all for now. But I promise you, more items will be coming soon! I’m off to knit a little head scarf!





3 thoughts on “Running out of time!

  1. Lovely pictures!
    I am very proud of you for setting yourself the goal of reaching 30 items by August! Definitely braver than I am, and at the same time you’ve inspired me to set myself listing goals. I’ll have to think about what it will be first, though 🙂
    Goals have to be squishy. I think – I know – you could have reached 30 items by August, but life got in the way. And there is no way to predict how or when stuff happens – and there’s nothing wrong with it either. And by the way, I think you can still reach 30 items by August!
    In the meantime, I love the hats and cards and scarves you have on your shop right now. I always love seeing your creations on your shop 😀

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    1. Thanks Sarah! You’re very encouraging! 😀 It’s interesting, this 30 Items challenge that I’ve set myself has helped me to get past my fear of putting paintings onto my shop… I just posted 2 today, and I’ll be putting on a few more things too! I had thought that this would get my inventory of hats to a better place (which actually, it has!) but it’s also helped me to branch out a little! 🙂

      Plus, I’m all pepped up to do more! Which is a good thing, because usually when I come off of these things, I don’t want to do anything! 😉


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