I did it! 30 Items in My Shop!

Hello everyone! I said I would be back – and with the good news I hoped to deliver! I made it!

30 items in the shop! Want to see them?

Another painting! Like I said earlier, the first one had to have a bit of company!

Various Pumpkins Painting (2).jpg

What about another painting? More pumpkins? Yeah, I like pumpkins!

The Fruit of Autumn 2.jpg

But what about a painting that isn’t a still life? Something that’s totally different!…. Oh dear, I just realized I can’t give you a picture of that one… You’ll just have to check it out for yourself right here! ūüôā

Oh, and what about the card? Oops, I can’t give you a picture of that either. But here’s¬†the link to my new card.

And the last thing, another hat, the teal one that I finished the other day and showed you a picture of. Here’s the link to that one. Oh look, I actually do have a picture of it! And I’ll tell you a secret -it’s not washed and blocked yet, since I didn’t have any time today to do that, and we girls don’t do any work on Sunday. But maybe I’ll show you how I block the hats sometime soon! ūüôāTeal Hat (2).jpg

Well, I was all excited all day long, getting everything done that now I’m kind of tired. I’ve got to go now, but I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


22, 23, 24… 25 Items!

Well, I don’t really have time to be doing a quick post right now, but I’m all excited! I just reached 25 items! I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I think I will actually!

Just 5 more items and I’ll reach my goal! Woohoo! Totally excited right now! ūüėÄ

Let my show you the items that I listed since the last time I wrote a blog post…

First there are the two hats, the cotton (or maybe cotton candy!) one:


And then I did a wool slouchy hat! Which I have totally fallen in love with… I might have to take it for myself if someone else doesn’t like it! ūüėČ


And now I come to the painting… I blogged about this one before, and I was all excited about it, but after having it on my shop all alone, the only painting on the shop, I just had to take it down again. It just looked too lonely! But it’s back again! And it has some company!


Here is my other painting that I have up, which you might remember seeing before from a previous post, but I’ve decided to put them both there now, and they’ll be all one big happy painting family in just a few hours!


So there¬†you go! A couple paintings, a couple hats, and in no time at all, I’ll be having more…Hopefully I can post again and show you the last of the 30 items on my shop! But till then, but dash off and do a bit of Saturday household stuff and more Etsy listings!


Running out of time!

Oh boy! I am so running out of time! Only 4 days left!

I meant to give you guys¬†an update before now! I did get onto here about a week ago, but then a couple things came up and I never finished the post… But here I am, back again from the vague unknown of the non-blogging world. But just for a quick update, because I really have to get back to making new items! ūüėČ

I just put up a new listing! Woohoo! Which officially makes my shop have a grand total of 21 items! Yup, didn’t even¬†break my¬†own record. But that’s ok, because I have quite a few items¬†lined up, just waiting for me to put the listing together.

Here’s a picture of the newest item – and this time it’s a scarf!

And here are pictures of a few things that have been happening with me lately…

Me at Starbucks (thank you Sarah for the mini photoshoot! :D)… I’ve been thinking about it –¬†I go to Starbucks a lot, and I love trying out they’re new drinks, so why not combine a couple of the things that I do? So you might be seeing a few more pictures of me a Starbucks – with some of my very fun-to-wear hats! ūüėČ


Three hats that I washed and blocked… but only two of them are going to make it to my shop, because the other one – the maroon one – I made as a commission¬†for a friend of mine. And the blue one pictured here¬†is wool! It feels soooo soft!


And here I am, working on another hat! It was almost complete here, and now it’s finished and waiting to be all washed up and blocked!¬†So fun to block it – I’ll have to¬†do a blog post¬†on blocking things¬†to show you all.


Well, that’s all for now. But I promise you, more items will be coming soon! I’m off to knit a little head scarf!





Me and My Necklace and Shoes

Today I can get to a blog post I’ve been looking forward to for a while. A couple weeks ago I took some time off from my shop, just so I can plan my burn out rather than have it overwhelm me when it’s most inconvenient. So, I worked on a couple very different projects, one of which took much longer than I expected, but is thoroughly rewarding.

IMG_1354In the process of taking pictures for this blog post, and while I was finishing the second project, I had to take pictures of some other stuff, so this will be a very photographic blog post! Very eclectic, but I always enjoy these. On the left are a few of our very own zinnias – some of my favorite flowers now – which happen to match the fabric below. There’s a little less orange, but, as you can see, it matches wonderfully!

And here is the first project! I’ve had some left over fabric from Bangladesh, which¬†is just too special to leave around, so I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it. Suddenly, it occurred to me that it would be perfect for a fabric necklace scarf, because it’s crazy, light and¬†there wasn’t really enough left over to do anything else with it!

So, with only a few days before my week off, I made a quick study of fabric necklace scarves- and I think I want to keep going with them.

You can see the original piece of fabric, which looks like a strange baby (or Buddha)¬†and a nice close-up of the fabric. In the bottom left corner is a collection I had of my pieces, including some interesting silver rings. I decided I wouldn’t go with that, however, because it might be too much and I felt like they didn’t match. The largest picture is, of course, the final version, with pretty leather braids (which I did not do). Hannah nicely twisted the three fabric sections, and one has the same leather braid twisted with it. I love how it turned out!


On the right are some yummy spices I roasted for dinner yesterday. I included it because, like I said, I took lots of pictures while I was finishing my second project. So this picture represents the passing of time.

I finished the second project last night and I am wearing them now. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the process.

I’ve seen some cute Summer slippers (I don’t know if that’s an official term) and been wanting to make some for a while. I finally gave it a try!


I made several changes, including having the rick-rack on the outside (because I forgot to put it around the edge) and elastic all around the edge instead of just in the back. Mummy even let me use some official slipper soles!¬†They are just a little too small, but they’re so comfortable I keep forgetting to take them¬†off!

Of course, even though this was a week off, I can’t help but test both these projects to see if I’d like to sell them on Etsy. Please, tell me what you think!

And that finishes the two projects I worked on a couple weeks ago! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to my next week off, at which point I will have fun working with my burlap canvas. I will definitely feature it on a blog post!

Now for a short bonus, since this has ended up being a what’s been happening with me lately blog post:

I sold one of my pink girls dresses on Etsy! I am especially pleased with this because the lady wanted a couple adjustments, so it’s officially my first custom order!

Apparently she has a tall almost-3-year-old so she wanted the dress lengthened. There were several possibilities, including adding a midriff and/or band, making a new dress, adding a contrasting ruffle or adding lace. I decided on the last option, and I really like the way it turned out! I also made a small lace flower to go with it, detachable, but I forgot to get a picture of it.

And that’s what been going on in my life recently! How about everyone else?

Next up: August is just around the corner, so it’s time for Autumnal and Christmas preparation! I agree, it’s too soon, but I’ve heard rumor there’s Christmas shopping on Etsy!

Thanks for joining me for this adventure!


Cogs & Gears: It’s the Little Things…

I love these earrings! They were a bit problematic to photograph,¬†though…

Here we are, working hard at our different projects! I’ve been trying to focus and get a lot of work done, and to that end I mapped out some specific goals for my time last week. Using my handy (and, alas, often neglected) day-planner, I set 1) Daily Goals, 2) Aims for the Week, and 3) Dreams of Things That Could Get Done. How did this work¬†out? Well…


  • One of my daily goals was to get a new listing up on Etsy every day (which is fairly easy, since I have a back-log of items to list). This went pretty well – until I discovered that I hadn’t taken pictures of the backs of four pairs of earrings. So I took the extra pictures, went back to finish the listing I had started, and – My computer ate all the pictures on my camera (except for some of English Muffins). This was very sad, since I had taken some shots of
    Sourdough English Muffins. Yes, a recipe is coming soon!

    Hannah and her¬†papier-m√Ęch√© project¬†too. And that derailed the rest of the week. (Here is the Etsy listing)

  • It’s been really hot, which slows me down. But –¬†No matter! I attacked promotion and blogging! Housework and cleaning got rather lost (it’s not easy to clean when you feel like you’re leaving a melted trail), but I got some other stuff done! Except for another Popcorn post. I keep forgetting about those.
  • Writing hard for CampNaNoWriMo! My goal is to get 75,000 total words done this month (have I mentioned that I tend to set impossible
    I find this random and slightly nonsensical picture very inspiring for “Reflections,” which has lots of mirrors and mountains!

    goals?): 50,000 editing and typing “Reflections: A Fairy Tale” and about 25,000-words-worth of work on various other projects. Well, this week, I sorta got sidetracked when I thought of an interesting series of twists for a story I’m not even contemplating working on any time soon. It’s been exciting, and distracting!

  • A few other things got lost in the crazy shuffle of life. In fact, after the first day, I forgot to even look at my goals for the week! This is (ahem!) kind of a bad habit of mine.

Oh, well! Life is always busier than I anticipate it will be, and I tend to underestimate the time it will take to do stuff. It’s a pity, because I actually did get quite a lot finished last week, babysat some fun-to-watch kids, and got an energy boost in my writing world. Oh, and “Star Trek Beyond” was really a lot of fun!

So, now I refocus on what’s really important to accomplish, and this week set some new (and hopefully sensible) goals for myself. What are your plans looking like? Do you set impossible bars to reach?


Saturday Random Recipe: Ice

It’s hot outside. Actually, it’s not too hot right now. But it will be¬†hot. And this year, I’m trying to embrace that.

IMG_1072I’m getting more annoyed at the heat than I usually do, possibly because it seems a little more humid than some times. But I’m trying to figure out ways that make me happy with it being hot.

There’s the practical side, such as the fact that, I think, grapes – and therefore wine – taste better when¬†it’s a hot year. So this year should have some really good wine!

Also, there’s more reason¬†for you to take Annie’s example – on the left – and get wet and¬†have fun.

I’m also trying to figure out other methods of having¬†fun being hot, as well as figure out ways to keep¬†cool.

First of all, the worst way to cool down when you’re out in the sun is to fume and moan about how hot it is. It’s easy for me to do that, even if it’s just in my head. But it just makes it worse. So I’m trying to embrace it- lizard style- with¬†cicadas chirping mildly¬†in the background and an occasional butterfly fluttering by.

IMG_1060¬†¬†I’m also trying to figure out what this one style of music is, which we have only a few songs of, that reminds me of a certain kind of temperament that allows the sun to pass over you in golden downpour while you enjoy the doze of a Summer afternoon. As Abigail put it recently: “People have been sweating for years.”

So, one way I have to keep cool, which practically contradicts everything I just said with the fact that it’s so cool, is Icicle Tea, pictured on the right.

I was inspired to try this when I had some snow cones. It’s like iced tea, but hardcore.

IMG_1051Basically, I can’t give any specific instructions for this ‘recipe’, because it depends entirely on what you want. Personally, I suggest you make some tea, preferably with tea bags and extremely strong. I like mint or green/mint best for this, with some fresh mint leaves on the side.

Crush ice in a blender, with some of the tea РI like enough ice to have a small iceberg, as pictured.

Note: this is surprisingly messy, and you will need a lot of ice if you’re doing this for several people. Also, you will have to make the tea a little in advance so it has time to cool and get stronger.

Icicle Tea is surprisingly, wonderfully refreshing and extremely simple. Serve it in a pretty, clear glass, with a spoon, for people to enjoy the ice, which is gently flavored with tea. I also recommend that you sit and enjoy the beverage, under a patio or back porch if you prefer, for a few minutes, to properly enjoy the flavor.

I hope everyone’s having a good Summer so far! If you’re anywhere near where we are – at least in temperature – then it’s far from over. Summer’s still one of my favorite seasons, although we’re in the dull part, so I’m not too sorry. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the heat, or beat it, and I’d love to hear what everyone has to say!

Hope you continue to have a good weekend!


P.S. I just remembered! Another way I’m enjoying the Summer is by having sort of desert animals as my computer background. Backgrounds are very important for me, and kind of signify what I want to do, how I feel about the month, or just simply to add a bit of fun in there. For instance, August is a very dull month, so I’ll probably have some funny backgrounds.

This second half of July, I decided to go with giraffes, because they’re so cute and fun and embody the meaning of having fun in the sun. Well, one of the embodiments…

Friday Featured Favorites: Personality!

I ran into some more shops, so I thought it would be fun to feature a few today (probably to catch up with forgetting to feature shops for the last few weeks)

il_570xn-1003623544_2el1The first shop I want to feature is really fun. The shop’s¬†name is BlackBerryBookArt¬†and you can find items like the one on the left on this shop.

The owner of the shop started doing book folding for a school project, and then decided to start an Etsy shop.

I was amazed when I saw this shop, partially because this is the first time I’ve ever seen it.

It makes a wonderful and unique gift or décor, with a possibly infinite amount of potential!

I encourage you to take a look at this shop, because there are a lot of fun and beautiful things to see here. I just had to do the owl because I always seem to do the owls.


The next Etsy shop I’d like to feature is called GiftsandTalents¬†and an item on this shop is featured on the right.

Apparently my theme is birds. I love birds, and I love the two little birds on this Wedding Guest Book Box. It’s the perfect combination of whimsical, rustic, cute and charming.

Also featured on this shop are several boxes like these, with so much variety you have to take a look at it for yourself, and some beautiful burlap wreaths. I was very interested to see the wreaths, because I have a burlap canvas, and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with it.

il_570xn-811197950_bi15Last but not least, the beautiful Etsy shop CustomPortraitArt. Please, please take a look at this shop! It is so much fun! One painting is featured on the left, and I just had to do this one because it’s a Goldie and they’re always the best dogs!

You have to take a look at this shop because there always seems to be something new to see. There are lots of wonderful doggies and kitties and house portraits and other portraits.

It’s just so much fun, and this shop has a lot of¬†wonderful personality. Hey, I just figured out what to title this post!

So, I’ve introduced you to three wonderful, exciting Etsy shops brimming with personality. Once again, I invite you to take a look.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Coming up……. refreshment for the hot days ahead.


Cogs & Gears: Update, and What’s Next

It’s time for a another look behind-the-scenes at our Etsy shops. And – I haven’t been able to think of anything new and amazing to write about!¬†This last¬†couple of weeks has been working on projects, finishing items, listing stuff, experimenting with promotion, and business as usual. Not terribly scintillating!

So, here’s a simple update about what we’ve been doing – and a glimpse at what’s (hopefully) to come.

Sarah, having a FrappuccinoSarah has just had a Ladybug Week! She ignored all Etsy stuff, wrote madly (it’s CampNaNo this month), and made herself some adorable house slippers. This week, she’ll be putting a custom listing on Etsy, and will be working on something for a new line!

Hannah has been working away at her goal of having 30 items in her shop by the end of July. This has been slightly hampered by selling a couple of hats in person – which is exactly the kind of problem you want to have! Also, she (almost) finished a new painting, which she will be debuting soon: It’s awesome!

Abigail… Well, to be honest, my focus hasn’t been on Etsy in the last couple of weeks: I’ve been typing my book, it’s really, really hot outside, and I’ve been revamping my health-routine. However, I’ve made some really cute butterfly Ephemeral Earrings (coming to my Etsy shop IMG_1527.JPGsoon!), and I’m thinking of getting back to some neglected ideas and lines.

What’s Next: In general, we’ll be posting some Popcorn recipes this week, and I (literally!) just thought of a really cool idea for a blog series. On Etsy, we all have some new items and lines that will be popping up on our shops soon, and we’re getting serious about promotion (that seems to call for a wild war cry or something…). In cooking, we’ve been playing with overnight oats, chia, quinoa, and other healthful stuff. It’s surprisingly yummy. Maybe we’ll share some recipes!

Anyway – that’s a few random things from our life! What have you been up to this July?





One of the greatest snacks has got to be popcorn.

It’s simple, low calorie, cholesterol free, salt free, gluten free…! Of course, it also sometimes gets stuck in your teeth, but nothing’s perfect.

I speak of the kind of popcorn that doesn’t come premixed in a microwavable bag, or covered in caramel, or in vats at a movie theater: This is classic popcorn, easy to make and delicious (with a little help).

Popcorn has been part of our family for as long we can remember Рthe most basic of comfort foods. We always had it on Sunday nights, maybe with a cup of chocolate milk and a British mystery on TV, dressed with butter and Spike or Vegit and maybe bottled parmesan cheese. I (ahem!) never really liked it. Then a few years ago we started experimenting with different toppings, and a whole world of wonderful popcorn-ness opened up!

We’ll share some of our favorite recipes with you in the coming weeks, but first the basics:

  • Air Popper. Seriously; get one! It is the easiest way to make popcorn without burning it or risking one of those odd bags. And, poppers are usually affordable and don’t take up much space.
  • Popcorn. Available everywhere! Pop about 1/4 cup.
  • Butter. Yes, this is essential – and that sort of messes up the healthiness. Oh well! Melt 2 Tbsp., or a mix of butter and aromatic oil such as extra virgin olive or coconut.
  • Toppings. The simplest is salt – not more than a light sprinkle!

And there you go! Almost as simple as chips-and-honey! Here are a few more topping suggestions:

  • Salt and pepper
  • Salt and a smidge of sugar
  • Parmesan or other hard cheese, finely grated
  • Your favorite salt-free seasoning (like the above-mentioned Spike and Vegit)
  • Desert Garden’s Green Chile or Chipotle seasoning (delicious! but may cause sneezing)
  • Cinnamon-sugar

Have fun! Some themed mixes to follow, but please create and share with us some of your favorite ways to have popcorn!


Action, Loud Explosions and (possibly brainless)

Abigail mentioned we might do reviews of action Summer movies we like, during July,¬†that often appear brainless. Most of the time there’s something to get out of it anyway, if you’re good at studying the details and take the movie on its own.

So, I thought it would be fun to do a couple reviews. It’s quite interesting figuring out the merits of some movies, and sharing it with people, especially when the movie is kind of an underdog and didn’t do too well. We root for the underdog.


I decided to do Battleship (2012) because we happened to watch it a couple times recently, so I think I can be fairly accurate.

The simplest way I can explain this underdog movie is if I describe the accompanying score by Steve Jablonsky (one of my favorite film composers): unashamedly exciting, with undertones of humor, a good dose of patriotism, spacy sounds and bagpipes at the end.

I listened to the music¬†separate from the movie, and it was fun, possibly a little repetitive, but¬†it didn’t really grab me. A couple years later, our dog – who is scared of fireworks – was hiding in the back with me, and I decided to play some music that would be mostly loud and rocky. For some reason Battleship came to mind, so I played it and discovered several very fun tracks, and I decided it wasn’t so bad (its also our dog’s favorite score). So, I got a¬†few tracks.¬†Basically everyone¬†decided they liked it, and Abigail made me get the whole album.


That’s basically the movie for you. It’s not perfect, kind of fun, but it grows on you.

What I like about it: It has a good sense of humor that doesn’t really seem to get in the way. It takes the situation seriously enough, though, and involve some fairly interesting¬†fighting strategies, and character development. Plus, there’s not too much destructiveness, or the characters being beat to¬†a pulp. Quite refreshing!

An added¬†bonus for me is that the Navy¬†save the day.¬†It’s nice to see a movie where our Navy are the heroes (and not¬†anything military being idiots/killed). Even better, this movie is really patriotic. Real, true, proper Patriotic!¬†You don’t see that very often (not¬†often enough) and it’s extra awesome to find it in a movie like this.

Battleship probably isn’t one of our favorite underdog movies, but it is fun. The best way to watch it is in company, with some good Summer refreshment, and when it’s hot outside.¬†Watching it close to a Patriotic holiday is also a must.