Making Progress!

I have a moment to do something different right now – Saturday is our house-work-is-priority day – so I thought I would give you an update about the 3o Items In My Shop Before August goal!

It’s going ok! Not as well as I was hoping for – as in, I haven’t finished anything yet. But besides that, pretty much every day I’ve been working on something. That hat that I started in Finding Dory, which I blogged about here – well I had to undo it almost all the way. But that’s the way it goes – I make the pattern up for all of my hats, so a little bit of tweaking is to be expected. 🙂

But what I wanted to mention was something that I didn’t expect! I made a sale!

I post to my Facebook timeline every once in a while with my newest hats, and this time one of my friends talked about buying one! We met up yesterday and had the most enjoyable talk over a wonderful Panera lunch and then I sold her one of my hats and she commissioned another one! I was so happy and excited! I’m all excited to go find some dark thread and get going right away!

I sold her this hat.

But the problem is, now it’s not technically on my shop any more. I can make a new one – it’s a fairly common color to replace – but now it’s going to be less things in my shop!

And through another thing that happened today, I gave one of my hats to a friend of mine, so now I have even less in my shop!

For the first hat, I have left it up and said I will make it to order. But that still leaves me with 20 items in my shop! Hahaha! It’s kind of funny! I was hoping to put all of my 30 up on my shop, and then after that I can start making more sales. But we’ll have to see! I’ll just have to keep on being active! 😀

I do have few other items that I’m thinking of debuting on my shop… but I’ll leave them till another time! 😉 For now, I’ll just sign off and get to my housework stuff! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Making Progress!

  1. That is wonderful, Hannah! I am so glad that you sold a hat and received a commission to make another one for her!!! Perhaps it is a good idea to continue to post things on Facebook occasionally.

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