Friday Featured Favorite: Charming

The Etsy shop I found to feature today is P3 Personalized Jewelry, which just about explains it all!

il_570xn-1020752281_t8tyI actually really like this shop. I know that sounds kind of silly – if I’m featuring this shop on my Friday Featured Favorites, then I must like it! But, I mean it a little differently.

There I was, looking over the various fun key chains on this shop, and I kept seeing things I liked. Sometimes, you just like a shop. And then, sometimes, you remember a shop.

This refreshing, fun shop was started by Melissa Erickson in 2014, and since then, she’s had seemingly amazing amount of sales.

il_570xn-657659230_lmjiApparently Melissa started her Etsy shop in the best, most inspiring way possible. It started purely as a hobby, but she’s clearly had success.

When she’s not running her Etsy shop – generally at night, when her kids are in bed – she’s teaching preschool. She’s owned and operated a small school for the last 8 years, but with her son graduating (yesterday?) she’ll be leaving to set out on new adventures.

And do Etsy full time!!

Kind of awesome, and definitely inspiring.


So, what really caught my eye when I ran into this shop?

Probably how cute it is – which, again, sounds silly. I just love to see how people can fill the small, intricate things in normal life- which is something I need to work on. (Making small Etsy things, I mean)

I’ve shown pictures of some beautiful key chains from Melissa’s shop, but once you have one of these on your key chain, it wouldn’t just be any key chain!

She gives you the chance to put some of your own personality into something so simple – and offers a way to brighten your daily living.

Please, go ahead and check out the Etsy shop P3 Personalized Jewelry. It’s definitely worth it!

Hope everyone has a great, extended weekend!


P.S. You have to check out her bookmarks! Beautiful!

Cogs & Gears: Crafting with a Cold

It’s been an exciting week or two! And a while since I’ve posted anything – I really need to work on consistency…

Why the excitement? Hannah and Sarah both sold something on their respective Etsy shops! Yay! This is wonderful, and (of course) quite inevitable since they both have lovely shops: Annavania and SallySewing. Take a look! They have so many beautiful items just awaiting discovery. (You could also check out my shop too, if you like.)

We’ve also decided to participate in a Shopping Boutique, which sort of combines our previous in-person selling experiences: The Boutique in the park which we had last year (it’s even at the same park!), and the Craft Fairs which we participated in in the autumn (since someone else is running it, and other vendors will be selling). We were already thinking about throwing another Boutique when this opportunity came along. We are so much more prepared this year, with lots of items and an idea of how to put it all together, so I’m excited to see what happens!

It’s possible that I made too many Fairy Tale earring parts…

And in the meantime, I’ve come down with a cold. One of those inching little colds that settles in the chest early on and makes the sinuses feel like a balloon that’s been blown up too much, or rush-hour traffic. I’m mostly functional, so I’ve been trying to work a little bit – putting together my latest Ephemeral Earrings, and making new listings.

I love the castle design!

Cold-brain can be dangerous, however. Listings can come out a little… odd. Color combinations might not work like they should. And I couldn’t find my pliers anywhere, until Sarah held them up and said that I’d given her them in exchange for something she was asking about. So, clearly I can’t push myself too hard!


So, there’s your little glimpse into what

But my favorites are probably the deer!

we’re up to lately! Here are my latest Fairy Tale Ephemeral Earrings; hopefully I’ll have a lot more up soon! What’s been happening in your crazy life lately?



Saturday Random Recipe: Gluten Free

There’s an obsession with gluten free things. (they’re even making coffee gluten free now!) Okay, if you’re allergic then you kind of have to be aware of the recipes that come along without gluten, so I thought I’d just title this blog post “Gluten free” to be clear.

IMG_0885The original recipe – written confusingly in  corner of a cook book – for Baked Oatmeal is gluten free, however, in a moment I will mention a few options, including how to make this recipe also milk free! First, the recipe itself:

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine in a bowl:


  • 3 cups oats
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon

In another bowl, combine:

  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup canola oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

Combine wet and dry ingredients, pour into a greased 9″ by 9″ pan and pop in the oven for 30-35 minutes.

A couple things I like about this Baked Oatmeal is:

  1. It’s simple. Really simple. You can make it within minutes if you’re really quick. The only trick is that it does have to cook for a while.
  2. It’s simple. Sorry, I can’t think of any other word for it. I just like that this recipe is unassuming, there’s nothing special about it, and yet it’s completely satisfying. It’s just sweet enough, but not too sweet.
  3. It’s flexible. You could basically think of the recipe I’ve given at the top as a blank canvas, and you can do with it whatever you want.


So, if you don’t want milk in this recipe, substitute it with 2-3 bananas, mashed up. Of course, if you want the banana flavor, which I’ve discovered is really nice, you could add it to the regular recipe.

So, Options. The options are almost limitless.

Among my favorite: Putting about half of the oats in the milk and letting them soak it up. It doesn’t change the recipe at all (I think I do add a splash more milk) but it makes the recipe a little more cake-like, and less oatmeal-y. I’ve recently tried part oat flour and part oats, which is also very nice. I really like sprinkling it with Demerara sugar, which gives it a really nice crusty top.

IMG_0889   Some favorite variations are with peanut butter. I love the flavor peanut butter gives this! I also really like Ginger Bread Baked Oatmeal. Just add a lot of molasses, less brown sugar, powdered ginger and candied ginger. The result is delicious. Definitely sprinkle the top with sugar!

In the pictures I took, we made them into muffins and added chocolate chips.

Like I said, it’s a very flexible recipe. If you want to add pumpkin puree, go ahead (we have done that, and it turns out well, but add more oats and refrigerate it sooner). If you want to add coconut flakes or any variety of dried fruit, absolutely! If you want to try adding quinoa or hemp or chia, tell me what you think, because I’m sure it will be delicious! If you want to substitute the sweetener for pickle juice, that’s your problem.

I just had to share this recipe, because the kids we babysit love it, and it’s a very helpful thing to have around for the reasons I’ve already mentioned.

Please, try it out soon and if you come up with a new and interesting variation, tell me about it 😀

Hope everyone continues to have a good weekend!


P.S. I think this recipe would work really well for a granola bar, if you add some chopped nuts, dried fruit and chia or something! It’s a kind of crumbly recipe (seems to hold better if you add bananas) and if you want to make it for granola bars, plan on hiking in the next few days, since this delight doesn’t have the longest shelf life.

Friday Featured Thread: Positive

I thought I’d do something different today (substitute: I forgot to work on this blog post earlier) and feature another thread.

This is a fun, interesting thread, titled: One word (positive) Describing the Shop Above You, which basically explains exactly what it’s all about. I thought I’d glance through the thread, and based on someone’s description, feature the shop.


The first description I noticed was given to the shop Leafling Bags and was bright. I have to agree with that! This shop is bright and beautiful, pictured on the left.

It’s a beautiful and fun shop, and you have to take a look at it!

The next description I noticed was Sunny, for the Etsy shop Ebb&FloJewellry. It’s a very interesting description of this shop, which sells some beautiful jewelry.

This shop often seems to use stones of interesting shapes, which seems to be popular.

I went along for a while through the thread and didn’t find a word that caught my eye. Finally, I saw a word that always catches my eye, because I use it (probably too) often and I like to see what shop goes with it: Vibrant

il_570xn-906391577_syb9I love that description for this shop, pictured on the left and called RenaisyDaisyDesigns.

And I absolutely love what the owner, RenaisyDaisy, provides. Among the interesting and fun collection of chic jewelry, there are leaves, owls, superheroes and Matryoshka Doll Earrings, which is my personal favorite.

Moving on, I saw a word that I thought was interesting, describing the shop FQSTUDIOS. The word was Bold.


The original acrylic painting, from FQSTUDIOS shop, caught my eye. I think bold fits this shop well.

Otherwise, you will find a lot of fun art here, including lots of art all about coffee.

Coffee’s wonderful. You can never have enough of coffee, and this shop seems to understand that.

I skipped down the thread a while, until I came to something more recent. Interestingly, Unique seems to be a word used often for an Etsy shop.


I found a word describing the Etsy shop WhiteNoteCompany: Romantic.

It’s a fitting word, since this beautiful shop seems to specialize in wedding related things, and their items really are beautiful.

The photo on the left especially caught my eye, probably because I love birds and the colors are really attractive.

So there we go! It’s a helpful thread. There should also probably be a thread for: One word (not too hard, but still helpful) where the shop above you could use some help. But I’ve discovered some beautiful and fun shops through this thread. I really can’t say which is my favorite, because they’re all very fun and… unique.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Taking Another Look

Abigail mentioned a blog post or two ago that we’d look at some of our favorite blog posts. So, I thought I’d do that. Then I realized that would actually be a really short, boring blog post, so I’ll go ahead and do something else I was thinking about.

Rosy Pink Girl with Blue Crochet Hook 2But first a couple blog posts I’ve really enjoyed recently. From Hannah, she wrote and featured some photos from the new look of her shop.

I loved this blog post, because I love Hannah’s art! Hannah’s beautiful ladies are amazing, and you can follow the link to see more of her beautiful art, or of course take a look at her shop to see it in use.

Another blog post I really enjoyed that Hannah wrote was about our Epic Fudge. I thought it was important that you have a link to this fantastic recipe again, and I especially like all the possibilities you have!

I also really loved Abigail’s blog post all about Cherry Blossoms! You have to read it, because it’s not as simple as it looks. Anyway, I can never have enough of cherry blossoms and I miss them already!


Another blog post from Abigail was her Easter Celebration.

I  really liked this blog post, even though it was kind of one of those random “filler” blog posts – kind of like this one.

However, when I was reading over it, I realized it really captures the mood of our blog and us.

We take a different twist on things and generally decide to take things on a little too late.

Now, I’ve taken a look at a couple blog posts I really enjoyed from my sisters. Then I thought it would be great to feature a blog that you might be interested in if you enjoy what we do here.

I recently discovered Swiftly Created. If you love cards – which I do – you will love this blog! And, even better, there’s an Etsy shop too!

So, that’s all I have for today. I’ve been wanting to feature similar blogs, as well as other guest bloggers, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more of that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


A Celebration of Accomplishment!

I thought this was the best place for me to congratulate my fellow Ribbon Bloggers – and sisters – for making this blog twice as good as it would have been if it was just me. That, and: “Woo-hoo! We’ve been blogging for a whole year and a bit!

Durango Street 2

You might remember – especially you, Hannah – that we had a whole plan laid out of what we wanted to do with our shop. We discussed the style we wanted to go for, we deliberated over the name – the three of us and separately. I even put together a couple photo albums where we could have some stock photos! And I might have vaguely thought of putting together a playlist (still something I want to do, actually)

As usual, the project swept us off the ground and we got carried away. Not that we’re so far off anything we planned, but it does seem like we were aiming for a few container gardens and ended with a whole garden. Which I am completely happy with, and I think we’ve done a pretty good job! I just have to stop thinking small and limited – be a bit more flexible!

Chocolate Dipped

A few of my favorite things about our blog:

Food. Food is important to us (probably a little too important) but it’s really fun. Food is just the sort of thing we should do, and share what we do here. (by the way, the recipe to the right is: Pretzels and melted chocolate)

Discovery. Having read several blog posts from my sisters, stating what I’ve basically figured out, it’s really nice to be able find out more about my sisters. I think I know more now than I used to!


Marketing. That sounds weird, but the main point of the Ribbons blog was to help sell what we have on Etsy. I appreciate that we can do it, because I like the way we do it. I am very happy that there is a way to sell something, show what we’re doing and what’s behind it, without being blatant and vulgar!

It would be very hard for me to figure out just one of my favorite blog posts that’s been published here. However, there is one blog post that comes to mind, which I think deserves more attention:

Hannah’s Tips Blog post. Unfortunately, I can’t find the blog post! Somewhere back there, Hannah wrote a blog post with some tips for getting things done, or something. It was extremely helpful and I’m going to go on looking for it!

If you want to see what else we’ve accomplished, take a look at our Etsy shops!

The Raisin Fairyby Abigail

The Work of My Hands – by Hannah

SallySewing – by me!

I’m pleased with what we’ve accomplished so far, and I look forward to seeing what we do in the coming year!

And, once again, to all our readers – thank you. We couldn’t have made it here without you


Gasp- An Anniversary!!!

CIMG1861So – we just discovered that last week was the anniversary of our first post! That’s right; May 4th marked the first complete year of our blog!

It’s kind of amazing!il_570xn-914924690_ckg7

Ok; not just “kind of”.


IMG_1258We’ve come a long way in this year; figuring out this whole blog thing, developing our shops, pushing ourselves in a lot of different ways. We’ve discovered so much about what works and what doesn’t, we’ve put on Boutiques and Craft Fairs, we’ve realized how much commitment this takes…! And, yeah… I think we still have a lot to learn and a long way to go. There are still so many things we want to try!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis week, we thought we would have a bit of fun. We’ll (try to!) put out a new post every day about what we’re up to, our plans for the next year of blogging, revisit favorite posts, and maybe even share our favorite cake recipe! In the meantime, check out the last retrospective post I did, and maybe take time for a celebratory look around at our blog.

It’s been such an amazing, crazy, busy, chaotic, wonderful

Four Ladies Visiting the Camp

year – in life and here in blogdom! Where shall we go next, I wonder?


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