Cogs & Gears: A Fairy Tale Month

A few days ago I told you all about my love of fairy tales, and how the genre inspires me, and exactly what I mean when I say “fairy tale” – which is complicated and interesting! Also, I directed you to our amazing “Fairy Stories” board on Pinterest (Check it out! It’s amazing! There are so many beautiful and unexpected pictures out there…). So – why all this talk of fairy tales?

Fairy Tales are my theme for this month. I’m working on editing my finished novel, which is a fairy tale. Etsy redesigned their shop site look, which I’m using as momentum to redesign my theme and “brand” – and since I’m “The Raisin Fairy,” what better look could I choose than a magical one? Plus, I decided to create a line of “Fairy Tale” Ephemeral Earrings. It’s all very exciting and wonderfully coherent. Have a look:

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My Fairy Tale – Reflecting on Curses

Remember when I told you about NaNoWriMo? There’s an easier, fun-themed version in April and July called CampNaNoWriMo, which has been dominating my life the last few weeks. A couple of years ago, I wrote (and finished! Yay!) a story of a cursed princess and an adventuring stable boy, whose paths fatefully cross. It’s called “Reflections – a Fairy Tale” and it’s full of magic and peril and perilous magic and romance and puns. And, since I wrote it longhand (with illustrations! those count as writing, right?), it has to be typed into a document to make it at all publishable. Excellent opportunity to edit and tidy up the storyline!

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The Raisin Fairy – Designing a New Look

I have lots of ideas for a new shop look. The Raisin Fairy is supposed to be about sugar and spice, and finding magic in the everyday. So originally I tried going with a brown and red color-scheme (still in place) – exactly the kinds of colors and motifs that make me happy in real life, but don’t exactly work on an Etsy shop. Instead, I might try drawing a little raisin fairy or something else magical, or possibly highlighting some of my products. So many options, so little time! Hannah and Sarah have both done beautiful things with their new shop designs, so I’m inspired to play a bit.

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Ephemeral Earrings – Castles and Magic and Keyholes and Such

And naturally I wanted to make some lovely earrings to match the theme. A little bit of beautiful paper, a few amazing die-cuts, embossing, beads, and a dash of magic – and there you are! They’re turning out stunning and enchanting, and will be up on my shop over the next week or two. I love them all – and I’m going to keep on experimenting with the idea even after my fairy-tale month is over.


So – any ideas? What kind of fairy tale image should I put on my next set of earrings? Which Etsy shop design is your favorite? What was your favorite fairy tale growing up, or now?





6 thoughts on “Cogs & Gears: A Fairy Tale Month

  1. I know! Make some Cinderella earrings! (with 3 miles of skirt!!) 🙂
    I don’t know how what my favorite fairytale was growing up, now that I come to think of it. Both the books we got from the library of Little Daylight were absolutely wonderful, and have definitely inspired many happy moments and dreams, such as the walk this evening, that looked surprisingly like an illustration from one of the books. (that was a long sentence!)

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    1. Earrings don’t have skirts! Silly Sarah! But I like the idea of Cinderella earrings, if I can figure out how to make them.

      “Little Daylight” is an excellent choice! Sadly, our two favorite picture book versions are out of print – but here’s one of them used on Amazon:
      That’s messy…


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