Wagging Tails and Chocolate Boxes!

Christmas is behind us (less than 11 months away, though!) and Winter is long. Time to bring out the Rom Coms, hearts and chocolates! I like Valentine’s Day, mostly because of the chocolates and romance (the teddy bears are cute too). More recently I’ve enjoyed the Valentine’s Day fabric that’s come out, and someday I’ll make myself a cute Valentine’s Day dress with some unexpected fabric.

valentineblogA week or two ago I got lost in the Valentine’s Day fabric, uncertain if I should/wanted/could get anything. For some reason some puppies got my attention. Silly puppy fabric. Thoroughly soppy, sugar-Valentine’s Day puppies with not a tragedy in sight. I got it.

I also got some fabric with a black background that says: “Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love…” Kinda seemed to work with the puppies.


I decided to take some pictures of these puppies, since they’re so cute. The one on the right is interesting, because I vaguely remember a puppy like this in my past. A Stuffed animal, obviously, but it looks strangely familiar.

It’s the most unlikely of the dogs on the fabric, unless there’s a breed that actually has startlingly red heart shaped spots.

IMG_0458I got nice and close, to really capture the love in those eyes.

The doggy on the left is my second favorite of the collection. I think.

I got a good amount of the fabric, but I decided to cut out the dogs individually, and sew them on to the “Love” fabric. There’s more red in that fabric than the puppies have, which is obviously mostly pink, but I figured it’s already pretty silly sugar-Valentine’s, so it would do no harm. I also added white buttons with red thread.

IMG_0456Then I got a bit distracted playing with my new camera and started taking pictures of the M&Ms we had on the table.

I ate too many of them, but I managed not to eat them all!

I’ve been indulging myself too much recently. I resisted naughty drinks at Starbucks today, but the next week or so (before Valentine’s Day candy) I’d better only drink water!


Back to the puppies…

It struck me while I was writing this, puppy fabric is perfect for people who are allergic to dogs! You can enjoy looking at them and their gooey eyes without the trouble of sniffling and headaches. Either that or they could just get a poodle. I forget exactly what it is, but poodles are supposed to be good for people who are allergic to dogs. IMG_0419

In case you’re wondering, and you’ve read my last couple posts or sew (sorry, ‘so’) then you may have guessed where these silly puppies belong. That’s right, they’re on my mug warmers.

I was originally planning on little piles of hearts, and possibly something written on top like: “You warm my heart” but I thought the visual thing would work just as well as the words.

Obviously, these mug warmers will be for someone who likes puppies (and possibly has an allergy to them) and has a sense of humor, and doesn’t mind a bit of goofiness. An added bonus would be the mug full of either some amazing mocha or a lot of chocolates.

This project was a lot of fun to make. Some new things I learned from it: the interesting challenge of the ratio of mug, I always need to add an inch, and I got to sew on Velcro. The last thing was surprisingly easy and, after doing interesting engineering of making the pattern fit around the mug, it was an easy project!

IMG_0465Now, an added bonus of this whole project:

1. There are lots more puppies I can work with,

2. I also bought some pretty red fabric that I can do something more and…

3. I got to eat some M&Ms!

So there we go! I actually got these Valentine’s Day items done in time for the holiday!

Here is a link to my Valentine’s Day Mug Warmers!



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