I Take a Look at My Plans for 2016

So, Abigail wrote a wonderful post about her plans for 2016, and I thought I’d do something similar, which I guess makes this a Cogs and Gears post, although for some reason I wasn’t thinking of it that way. Back to checking that on the categories.


I found Abigail’s post very inspirational, so I might talk a little more about my plans for the coming year.

First of all, I plan on revising my shop a bit, and I’ve already done a bit of that. For one thing, I’ve changed the shop title. Technically I’m not sure that’s a good idea, but this is the first and only time I will do it.

My original title was: SallySewing – Creating, Fixing and all things Sewing. I was never really sure about the last part. Actually I wasn’t sure about the whole thing, but I was trying set up my shop, so I just went simple and until I could think of something better. Then I decided I really liked SallySewing for the shop title. Anyway, the whole title is now: SallySewing: Doing what I Love.

OK, technically that’s not creative, but I find it quite satisfactory. It just says exactly what I want with the shop and explains it completely.

DSCN5044I’ve also made changes to my about page on my Etsy shop. When I was working on it, I came to a new conclusion.

That is, I’m going to try going with themes. Next year I might try to make things specifically rustic or all red or something. This year, I’m going to go with seasons and holidays.

I’ll be uploading new listings for coming seasons and holidays, as well as a couple extra in-between things.

Now, I was kind of having trouble figuring out what to do for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Then a friend suggested I offer my services to people, to make some specific item for their mother. It can range from garments to bags to wreaths to whatever-I-can’t-think-of. I really am flexible about it . No furniture or picture hats, but I am open to all requests.

So, beginning in March and running until the week before the holiday, I am happy to take orders. How many orders I will take depends on the results, of course. In case you’re wondering why I’m doing this until the week before the holiday, that’s because I’m happy to make things for people who are OK with giving something a bit late.

I think that’s the major thing I had to mention about my shop. I thought there was more, which there probably is, but I can’t think of what it is.

More changes will be coming, like a proper icon and banner and all that nice stuff. I’m also going to be making some business cards soon. Official business cards! And I am coming to the conclusion that it would be good to have an actual Facebook page for my Etsy shop, where I can share tidbits, do more advertising and hopefully be more streamlined or something.

I think that’s just about it. Coming up soon… Valentine’s Day Mug Warmers!

Coincidentally and wonderfully, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of setting up my Etsy shop! That is kind of amazing, and praise God for getting me this far.


2 thoughts on “I Take a Look at My Plans for 2016

  1. It’s wonderful (and amazing!) that my post was actually inspirational! And what you have to say here is inspiring in its turn: I like your new shop name, and your idea of centering it around yearly themes is clever. May the Lord bless it, and may it meet with lots of success!

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