Christmas in the City

Today I’m finally going to introduce a couple new items on my Etsy shop, SallySewing. These are Christmas items, which I am very excited about- not only because it’s Christmastime, but because my shop has been looking empty without anything Christmas-related.

il_570xn-887790410_1dwwThis bag is what I call the Christmas in the City bags. I saw some black and gold Christmas tree fabric, and decided I wanted to make some bags out of it (not from our stash). I thought the leather would be interesting too, and I wanted jingle bells.

These bags were originally going to be backpacks. I can’t explain when they changed to what they are, possibly when I realized I didn’t have much time before the craft fair.

I have been using one of these bags to ‘advertise’ them, as well as test drive them. My resulting opinion is that they’re seasonal- it’s fun using it, simply for an unexpected show, but I’m happy using it for this month (and some of the next). It’s surprisingly roomy, easy to carry around and fun with the jingle bells.


I like how these bags turned out. They were interesting to make, especially with the leather. It was the first time I’ve used leather so extensively, and it was very cooperative. The drawstring turned out different than I originally intended, but the look is unusual and fun. What I really liked was the bias tape! It gave me a chance to sew down the lining in a thoroughly satisfactory way.

I actually sold one of these bags, making a few alterations- which I am happy to do with most my items on my shop. I shortened the strap, adding buttons, and put on some big jingle bells, first taking out the jingles so they weren’t so noisy. I really liked the look, so I might have to add them to the others! (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture)

Here is a link to the Christmas in the City Jingle Bells Bags if you want to check it out.


And the second of my new items on my shop, are the Christmas Gift Bags. I made these last year, and then forgot to take pictures of them and put them up on Etsy.

I love these bags. I always think they look Victoriana, with beautiful, classic Christmas colors.

I kept them simple because I want people to be able to do their own things with them, but I would be happy to add some little decoration to the front.

Try as I might, I can’t elaborate much on these bags. I’d love to, because it feels like I’m less interested in them, or something, but there’s not much more for me to say. They are gift bags, just like regular gift bags except made out of fabric. I made some gift tags to go along with them, which are very pretty in my opinion.

I really like these bags, and I am satisfied with how they turned out, though I haven’t yet decided if I want to make any more. They look wonderful under a Christmas tree too!

Here’s a link to these Christmas Gift Bags, if you want to take a look.

Of course, now it’s a bit late for Christmas shopping. If you want either of these items as a late gift or Epiphany present, I could work with you to figure out how to get it to you on time (unless, of course, you live in the NM area, in which case I may be able to get these to you in time for Christmas)

I’ve done it! Lord willing, there will be more appearing on my shop, SallySewing very soon, including my Shabby Chick bags!

Merry Christmas, everyone!





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