Ephemeral Earrings! An Introduction

It is time to introduce you to something which I hope will be one of the highlights of my Etsy shop, The Raisin Fairy! Sarah hinted at these in her lovely post last Friday, and kindly let me present them to the world:

Ephemeral Earrings!

An assortment of Christmas ornament Ephemeral Earrings

At last! Something new on my shop, percolating and developing for a long time, procrastinated and agonized over – here finally!

These are actually Hannah’s idea: Since we love card making so much

(again, thank you to our friend Leslie, who collects supplies!), and also like wearables and jewelry-making, then why not combine them? Put together a die cut medallion here, add a lovely forgotten bit of paper there, attach a few sparkly beads and suspend it all from an earring hook. And there you are! Something lightweight and magical!


I made a few attempts, discovered some things that don’t work, had way too much fun playing with paper and little die cuts that I would otherwise overlook. And now – I’m ready! I have worn my little statement jewelry creations several times to field test them, and now here they are on my shop!


For now, I have focused on Christmas themed earrings. I’ve always loved Christmas anything, and cardstock is no exception. There are such beautiful things out there! And Leslie’s amazing collection has provided some charming little ornament, bell, holly, poinsettia, etc. die cuts. And snowflakes!

Snowflakes. Very “Frozen!”

Soon, however, I will be creating and listing many other kinds of earrings – flowers and medallions and elegant swirls!

It’s a work in progress, and I am so excited by the results! So far, I have sold and given several pairs to friends, and the reactions have been as charmed as any artist could hope. The earrings are just what I imagined for, if not maybe a little better!



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