Christmas Chaos

So – it’s 10 days till Christmas! Are you panickingdone shoppingstressed outfreaking out about how much you have to do still – I mean, are you filled with the joy and peace of this beautiful season? It’s so easy to get lost in endless to-do lists! As you can tell from our lack of new posts, we are getting sidetracked by the chaos of December as much as anyone. I wanted to share a cookie recipe with you on Saturday, but watched a movie instead. We meant to start a new series early in the month, and that somehow got lost. Ugh! Ok, enough complaining! Fun stuff:

It snowed! (Yay!)


A look at some of what I’m up to this week:

  • I will be putting a lot of new things up on my Etsy shop
    (hopefully today)! It’s a little late, so there’s no time to waste!

    A card that is already listed at my shop!
  • Shopping for wonderful gifts for my family and friends.

    I think Rudolf will let it go if you ask him nicely…
  • Sewing some new garments:

    Yes, there could be gifts included among my sewing projects (but don’t tell!)
  • Straightening up the house so we can host a Christmas Tea Party!


It’s been a weird month so far, partly because our Tech Guy (aka dad)

The sad last of the Great-Grandma Tallman’s Blackstrap Molasses Cookies (they’re worth the long name)

has been experiencing stressful and distracting tech problems, and partly because we somehow just started on the wrong holiday foot. Things have been a little off. I mean – we’ve only made one batch of Christmas cookies! Though that might not be such a bad thing… And there has been fudge and Turkish Delight…


But we’re refocusing, and in the next 3 weeks we will bring you lots of wonderful new posts!:

  • Christmas Traditions
  • Lots of delicious recipes! (though the cookies above might be a family secret recipe)
  • Christmas Favorites – movies, books, music, stories, memories…
  • More backwards reviews of Christmas classics (great idea,
  • A highlight of Christmas items in our shops, and how they came about

And, you know what? I discovered last month that writing consistently about Thanksgiving and gratitude made me appreciate all we do in celebration of that holiday. Christmas could very well be the same: Perhaps in sharing with you all of our Christmas wonder, we will experience it anew!



3 thoughts on “Christmas Chaos

    1. It feels like if only I can get caught up with the tasks I’m behind on, then me life won’t be so hectic! But, yeah – some time to just sit back and enjoy the moment might help! 😀


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