Important (Happy) Announcement for the Ribbons Blog

Abby in ShadesToday we went babysitting. It was a surprise babysitting job and threw all of us off, and I nearly forgot something very important!

Today is my co-author of this blog, fellow Etsy-er, friend and sister, a true blessing from God, Abigail’s birthday (that’s all in the title; just like a doctorate)

It’s important to me that our readers know about this, because you are a part of our lives, especially since Abigail is such a great contribution to this blog and important part of my life.

Abby, Raisin Fairy 4What I love about my sister, Abigail (besides the fact that she’s my sister) :

She goes for a walk everyday except Sunday or days when we have to leave early (like today). Even when she’s bored of walking, sick, it gets late (a real problem in NM) or it’s a special occasion, she’ll always go for a walk. This has helped me realize I should still do things, even when I don’t exactly feel like it for whatever the reason may be.

She’s helped me on practically every sewing project, patiently explaining, patiently redoing, patiently messing up my project and then sympathizing (the key is word is obviously ‘patiently’). Definitely something I appreciate (except maybe messing up my projects. I still love you)

Abigail’s not generally Abigail. She’s usually called Abby, which has been automatic for so long I don’t even think about it anymore. And I only recently found out she prefers Abigail. You know you have a sweet sister when she puts up with a nickname she doesn’t really want for that long (sorry, Abigail, it will still take a while for me to remember to say Abigail!)

A little more you may want to know about my Ribbons co-author: She writes some wonderful fairytales, which I am thoroughly enjoying! She makes some wonderful cards – have you seen her steampunk Father’s Day Card?! – and her ornaments are just amazing. You have to see them in person to believe how cute they are. But in the meantime you can look at them on her Etsy shop, at this link.

If you want to see a bit of a different side, follow one of her most popular Pinterest boards, Visions of the World, and check out some of her posts here on our blog. She’s a wonderful person, and it’s easy to tell!

I know this post will probably embarrass you, Abigail, but that’s a part of birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Abigail! I love you

3 thoughts on “Important (Happy) Announcement for the Ribbons Blog

  1. I totally agree with you, Sarah – she is wonderful! Too much to say in one post! I’m really excited and encouraged and fascinated by all off the cool and inspiring things you do, Abigail! I’m really glad and thankful the Lord has blessed me with such a sweet big sister!

    A big, happy, affectionate, effusive, silly – not to mention belated – birthday wishes to you, Abigail, the sweetest of all the Raisin Fairies!

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