This Time Next Year

The next on the Blog Challenge is number five Where Do You See Yourself (and Your Blog) This Time Next Year?

To be honest, when I saw I had this question, I wasn’t exactly excited. But I’ll make my best shot, anyway!

Ok, so where do I want myself to be next year? Actually, I’m going to be really literal right here and say where physically I would like to be. I would really like to travel, mainly through all my favorite parts of Europe! Italy

Italy, England (not leaving out Scotland and Ireland, of course!), as much of the Alps as I can get, and France – and whatever else may hit my fancy. I would love to incorporate travels into my art and into my works, so in a way, that is also where I would like to be in my life too, pulling in some of my experiences into the work of my hands.

And as for the blog, I want there to be a daily post, from one or other of us; I want to have plenty of followers; and I would especially love to get to know you all our followers, since I would like to see this blog as a place for everyone to come and feel welcome here. I want for people to understand how good and pretty awesome it can be to start up your own home business, and how it can be possible for all of you who might be tentatively thinking of doing a home business or small business.

(Actually, for the daily post thing, we’re going to make an effort to do this a lot sooner than within the vague parameters of a whole year. So look for more and more posts!)

Well, I guess that just about covers it! Next up for Abigail is Share Some Guilty Pleasures, so come back tomorrow for that.

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