Ever had one of those weeks, when things just keep going wrong?

You know what I mean: Those times when what ought to go smoothly hits a rough patch – the most ordinary of tasks is complicated by interruptions – a new Something isn’t as easy and awesome as hoped – a relationship gets jumbled by moods – an immediate service is hit by a delay – the perfect weather is broken by a storm (or by sunshine, if you happen to like rain)…

Everybody has these times; the new, shiny, hard, red zits on the forehead of life. Even the most saintly people have doubtless encountered frustrations. Surely the most successful and efficient have trips where all the lights are red and there’s a traffic jam on the freeway!

Last week was like that for me. Frustration met frustration like kissing dominoes until I finally gave up and took a couple of Day Off. It was tremendously refreshing, but has left me where I was last Monday – with work to do and problems to solve that I still have no idea how to address.

Pre-last Monday, I had hoped to put all of the items I made for our Etsy Boutique up on my Etsy shop; in fact, I really wanted to do that before the Boutique, though I didn’t have time. But things kept coming up, one after another, until I finally just settled on Monday as The Etsy Day.

Then along came Microsoft 10!

10 has dominated my week. My laptop PC was older and still on 7, so it’s been a big change for it as for me. I have to fix this, I have to fix that…

And my laptop battery officially died. Now I can’t unplug it without it totally crashing, which means I can’t move from place to place, which kind of defeats the reason for laptops…

ITunes changed and experienced unexpected problems…

Hannah got a cold…

My loving family talked me out of the adorable, and discounted, orange and hot-pink swimwear set that I really wanted to buy – entirely for my own good, since I shouldn’t be buying frivolously and I don’t look good in orange…

I lost the $20 I was paid by putting it into a temporary Clever Place. Never trust Clever Places!…

Did I mention my camera? It was the worst on all! I have a good (though unremarkable) digital camera which takes quite serviceable pictures for Etsy etc.

A butterfly from our Botanical Gardens trip last weekend
An example of the gorgeous pictures I can get with my camera

But it and Windows 10 do not get along. 10 won’t download pictures from my camera; and when I burrow in and extract them by careful mining, it refuses to save any edits.

I didn’t edit this; the butterfly was just that beautiful – and upside-down by its own choice! I’m not sure what that look in its eyes means, though…

My resident tech guy (aka my wonderful dad) couldn’t figure out what was wrong anymore than I could – and had his own computer issues to deal with…

For the last reason, although I took pictures of my new items, I can’t yet put them up on my Etsy shop. Frustration after frustration! What I had hoped would be a quick appearance on Etsy to tie in with the Boutique, has turned into more than two weeks.

As I said above, eventually I just gave up. I’m learning that I need to actually relax and recreate occasionally.

Well, now that I’m a little rested, I can return to the fray and try to struggle out a few solutions. Maybe I’m pushing the wrong button to edit and save things? Maybe a little patience is needed to get Windows 10 to work right? Maybe I should buy a new battery? Maybe I should just get that silly bikini? Maybe that butterfly has it in for me?

But I found my $20, right before I wrote this post. So things might be looking up at last!

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